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[IP] Re: Diabetes and Christmas

 Subject: Re: [IP] Diabetes for Christmas
Jennifer wrote:
I always wondered how many people got Diabetes as a Christmas present?

Jan wrote:
She has noticed that a lot of new DXs 
show up in the November-December area and speculates that it's all the carb 
overload during the fall holidays -- Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

My daughter Natalie was dx December 22, 1998 one day before her first 
birthday.  I really don't think a baby on formula that wasn't even walking 
yet and not eating solids  would get diabetes from carb overload.  Yes she 
got diabetes for Christmas and boy did it ever change my whole life and my 
way of thinking and of course our priorites.  I can't help now to "not" look 
forward to Christmas for that reason.  We are a Christian family very active 
in our church, celebrating the birth of Jesus.  But it is really hard for me 
now as Mom (my other family members don't feel the same way) because of all 
the changes that happened so suddenly when you have an infant diagnosed.  I 
always have loved the hoidays and the wonderful people and events that come 
with it, but I can't help the feeling of wanting to avoid that time of year 
from those horrible memories.  That was a very traumatic time for me.  So I 
really empathize with all of  you who were diagnosed near Christmas.  When I 
read everybody's post on this subject, my heart hit my stomach.  I guess 
having a baby with diabetes is one of the hardest things to deal with in the 
world.  At least in my world.  Complications?  Oh yes!  DKA was a regular 
word around here until a sunny, warm, early spring day in February, the 18th 
to be exact.  The day she started pumping!  What a relief!  Hopefully this 
Christmas will be a very happy time of the year!  I am already anticipating 
it.  Thanks for letting me write and reading the words of my heart.

Lord Bless you, Tracy
Wife to Doug
Mom to two girls
Amy 12
Natalie 2- --Pumping as of 2/18/2000
May today be the day they find a cure for Diabetes 
Jer. 29: 11

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