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[IP] 504 pleasant surprise

Wow! I was surprised this morning at Eve's 504 meeting.  :-) Things went
really well. I should probably thank all the parents that had children with
diabetes in our school district prior to us. I'm sure they paved the way for
the rest of us.

We took her last 504 Plan and adapted it to life at the Jr. Hi. The school
will allow the D kids to carry water bottles if they choose, they will let
them carry fanny packs or small backpacks (for meters, dex tabs or candy, or
anything else they need). These are items (water bottles, backpacks) that
normal kids can't carry around. All staff will be notified that Eve has a
pump and that her pump looks like a pager (kids can't have pagers at
school.) To make life easier for all D kids, they are given a permanent pass
to the nurse office and to the bathrooms. I couldn't believe this.  :-) She
needs to pick out a friend in each of her classes to come with her to the
nurses office, if she is low. She can test her blood sugar anywhere and
anytime (within reason) if she chooses. WOW! They will also give her
Glucagon, if needed. These aren't things we asked for, these are things they
just do for kids with diabetes. This was a real surprise to us.

Deborah mom to Eve 12.5
Dxed 5/3/96 pumping 5/21/99

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