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Re: [IP] More D-tron Info


Thank you so much for all this information, I for one definitely find it
useful!!  I am corresponding with Angela also asking for info on the
d-tron, but she hasn't sent me nearly as much information as she sent to
you! (boo hoo)  I had planned on getting the Animas pump, but their release
date has slipped at least a month, so I am deciding whether to wait or to
go the disetronic power of choice route (I am leaning towards the latter).
Any more info you get, please be sure to send my way if you decide not to
send it to the list.
And just to let you all know that I have found all the notes about the
things people like about their particular pump useful.  I was quite bummed
out on Friday when I got the "exciting news" that Animas was delaying their
date to do clinical trials and I was going to be pump-less even longer.
Hearing all the people say that any pump is better than no pump has helped
me feel a bit better about reconsidering the other options and getting
something to help my control as soon as I can.

Jackie Ferguson

> Date: Tue, 2 May 2000 00:40:29 -0400
> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IP] More D-tron Info
> I just found out some more info on the D-tron pump coming from Disetronic
> in June.
(snip, snip)
> I received all of this info from Angela Bauer at Disetronic.  She is in
> the process right now of learning about the D-tron and has vowed to me
> that if she doesn't know an answer to a question I may have she will find
> it for me.  Her e-mail and Phone number are:
> email @ redacted
> 1-800-280-7801  ext. 5287
> Hope that someone may find this useful.
> Sheila Morris

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