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Re: [IP] eye trouble?-help

> Ok, yesterday morning i noticed matts eyes, 
> i thought eyes, were bloodshot, figured he 
> didn't sleep well. When he came home from 
> school i noticed it was just ONE eye and it 
> was really bloodshot. He says it feels funny, 
> but not painful. Could this be D related?
>  How do i know if it is a broken vessel or
> what you guys call a "bleed". I figured i go 
> to the experts first, and i'll call the doc 
> too. Waiting.........thanks!
Probably unrelated, BUT... when I was about 16 (one 
year post-diagnosis) my left eye swelled A LOT.  It 
felt "funny" but not painful, but when my step-mom saw 
it she freaked out (the whites were visibly bulging 
outward around the cornea).

Anyway, got to the ER and the doc said very likely 
unrelated to diabetes.  Put some drops of something in 
and within an hour my eye looked normal (though red).

- -Sara G.

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