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Re: [IP] RE:diving

> I forgot to mention that I recently got a related mailing from the
> Divers' Alert Network.  DAN is known for providing a 24-hour diving
> injury hotline, dive safety and medical information, and conducting
> medical research.  They are now looking for diabetic divers to
> volunteer for their diabetes study. The third field study will be
> conducted in Cozumel this August.  More info at
> http://www.diversalertnetwork.org/  Any pumpers participate in one
> of the first two? 

I've had some extensive conversations with DAN. They are currently 
studying a protocol for diabetic divers, BUT -- when asked about 
pumpers the responded that they had ONE in the study that dropped 
out. They have no clue about the control improvements a pump can 
bring to participating in this sport and are focusing exclusively on 
those on MDI. In my opinion (as a dad), it would be pretty dangerous 
to dive with a load of NPH or other long term insulin on board. I 
believe this last statement is the focus of DAN's investigation and 
they have not looked at all or are unaware of the advantages of more 
precise insulin control available with a pump.

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