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RE: [IP] diving

Hi Michael,  
I'm still worried about the high pressure forcing water into the open end of
the set.  I dive >100' sometimes, which means > 4X atmospheric pressure.
I'm not sure of the physics, but i know that water pressure will "push" on
everything.  Seems to me that if the external pressure of the water is
higher than the internal pressure in the cannula, water will be forced in
the open hole.  I assume you're correct, Michael, but can anyone confirm the
physics of it for me? 
You're right, rubbing could be a bigger problem.  I hadn't thought of that.
I dive for work and am typically in a wetsuit loaded down w/ tools.  Please
let me know which set (Lily uses sil's, right?) and set up works best for
Thanks again:)  colleen
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