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Re: [IP] Re: D for Christmases

> It's also flu and other virus season which might also contribute
> (some viruses have been suspected as being catalysts for D.) My
> daughter had a virus days before being dx'd on Thanksgiving Day. 

They are certainly catalysts in one sense. We all know that insulin 
requirements usually go up when we are ill. The reason diabetes is 
usually discovered immediately following an illness is that the 
pancreas has reached the point where the destructive process has 
destroyed enough beta cells so the pancreas must operate at 100% 
capacity all the time to keep the body's needs fulfilled. An illness 
or any kind of stress raises the insulin requirements, an you go over 
the cliff so-to-speak. If you need and extra few units of insulin and 
you can't get it ..... well we all know what happens. This quickly 
becomes chronic in the borderline situation above and the result is 
eventually the symptoms of diabetes and a resulting diagnosis. Since 
we tend to get the first seasons colds etc.... around the holidays, 
bingo!! the dx is delivered.

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