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[IP] A1c

Kim just got her A1c back.  It was 7.9!  I'm so excited.  Not because no one
has ever had a better A1c but becaue it's down a full point from a month
ago.  And, she did it on her own!  Kim is 12 and loves her pump (a 507C she
got when she was 10)  HOWEVER, she has always wanted me to be in charge of
telling her when to changes sets (and changing was a l-o-n-g painful
process!), what to bolus for a meal, how often she needed to test etc. even
though she knew how to do everything.  My husband and I were in Russia
(adopting an adorable 11 yr old girl with diabetes) for 2 weeks in April.
She was in complete charge of her diabetes.  (Her sister, a nurse, who knows
very little about diabetes took care of our family while we were out of the
country.)  Kim now changes sets in under 2 min., hates having high blood
sugars because they make her feel lousy, and is a much better estimator of
carbs.  I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of her!  I know that these
kids who get pumps early are going to be much more aware of bgs control as
they grow older.  Kim loves all the freedom of the pump and the only thing
better is a cure (which we pray for daily!)  Now, we're working on getting a
pump for Alla! I had really forgotten how miserable MDI and rigid schedules
are.  Alla can hardly wait for her pump and is very envious of Kim.

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