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Re: [IP] RE: another good outcome

Colleen wrote:
>   I have one
> suggestion that you've probably already thought of: i always carry a
> tube of cake icing in my BC pocket.    
All three of us have glucose gel in our dive vests. Standard 
procedure for us on all dives whether free or scuba.

>  I haven't had a chance to dive since i
> began pumping, so i would be very interested to know about Lily's
> experience. I've been wondering how the pressure might affect my
> set.  Any other pumpers w/ info about diving w/ a set in? 

There should be no problems. The set is filled with fluid -- 
imcompressible, so depth should not be problem. It has been more of 
an issue of all the gear pressing on the set and the possible 
problems that all swimmers/divers have with adhesion (so far so 

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