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Re: [IP] The use of friends

In a message dated 5/1/00 9:09:04 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<<  His

> job was to read the sub folder.

There is no such info in the sub folders in our district. If there is in

yours, you are VERY lucky.  >>

I asked my daughter, who subbed for several months between jobs a few years 
ago.  She had never seen a 504 plan, did not even know of their existence.  
And ours is a very well-regarded school district.  When she was contacted for 
the job by the regular teacher, she was sometimes told pertinent things about 
individual children, but never got such info when she got the job by the 
computerized phone call. (I guess it's possible there were no such children 
in those classes, but doesn't seem likely.)

Besides growing up with a diabetic mother, Ann has had many challenged 
friends, relatives, and acquaintances, so would have been alert to any such 
info offered.

Linda Z
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