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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #143

suegb wrote:
> I am usually just a reader cause I after 49.5 years on insulin, the last 2
> months on a pump I find that I can handle things that other people find
> difficult and seem to me to be just a slight inconvenience so do not like to
> upset anyone.  But after reading all the business about the pumps it seems
> so ridiculous to me.  I have a Minimed which cost me $6,250.00 whereas if I
> purchased a "D" I would have had to buy 2 at $4,750.00 each so I saved
> myself a few thousand dollars and this was my main reason for purchasing the
> Minimed.  As explained to me in a email from "D" they have a timing device
> set in them which automatically shuts off after two years as this is the law
> and pump must then be sent for an overhaul.  So another pump is needed for
> the 12-13 weeks while pump is being overhauled.  It is then returned with
> another 2 year guarantee the same applied to the second pump so the "D" has
> a guaranteed life of 8 years for the 2 pumps.  The Mimimed has a guaranteed
> life of 4 years only but if you do not have the cash for the two "D"
> machines (which in the long run works out cheaper) the Minimed is the way to
> go.  As we do not have the insurance in Australia you have in America
> everything has to be paid for up front and it is easier and quicker to save
> $6250 than $9,500.  I think both pumps are great but the cost factor counts
> a lot.
> Best wishes to all
> Sue from Sydney
> >
> Hi Sue,

my name is Shirley and I live in Sydney as well.My son is 13 and starts
pumping tomorrow morning! He has a loaner Minimed for 1 month and if all
goes well, we will go with the MM for exactly the same reasons you said!
How long have you been pumping? It is nice to see someone else from
Australia so I just had to say hi.


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