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Re: [IP] Diabetes for Christmas


I was diagnosed 12/18/67 at 8 and a half years old.  Poor Santa Claus bit the 
dust that year.  Unlike most people my mother had documented the volume of 
liquids I had been consuming.  My diagnosis blood glucose was less than 180.  
Mother was really on the ball!

Also unlike most other people, I was not hospitalized.  I have a feeling that 
it was because Mom and Dad did not have a good insurance plan and since my 
glucose wasn't that High, my doctor didn't see the necessity of it.  Mistake 
number one.

First time, and actually the only time I have been hospitalized strictly 
because of out of control diabetes was August 73--five and a half years after 
diagnosis.  Mistake number two.  They kept me in the hospital 7-10 days to 
get me stabilized.  Weird, now we all know that we should be stabilized in 
NORMAL situations, not in a hospital setting.  Also, these were the days of 
only urine testing so they were taking venous blood from my arm four times a 
day.  Also, I started my freshman year of high school almost two weeks late 
because of this hospitalization.  Due to the inactivity in the hospital, 
everyday for a week, I came home from school with my legs hurting so badly 
that I sat in a warm bath for almost 30 minutes and just cried.  Realize that 
just before I was admitted it would be nothing for me to ride my 2 speed 
bicycle (stop and go) twenty mile or so.

Mistake number three--these were the days that they did not have U100 
insulin.  So I came out of the hospital taking 15 units of Regular, and 70 
units of NPH every morning.  The stupid thing about this was I still had to 
take two shots since 85 units of insulin does not fit into a U80 syringe, why 
didn't they have me take at least two shots and split the doses better?  I 
would have had so much better control and would not have been a slave to that 
4 PM NPH peak?

Oh well.

Have had multiple hospitalizations but never strictly for the diabetes.  
Sometimes the diabetes has caused me to be hospitalized an additional day, 
but that is it.  Actually I am relatively healthy for having the big D 32 
plus years.

Carole H.
diagnosed 12/67, pumping since 1/84, two healthy boys born 4/90 & 1/93.
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