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[IP] More D-tron Info

I just found out some more info on the D-tron pump coming from Disetronic
in June.

1.  The instructions will come on a CD-rom.  This will replace the videos
perviously used for the training.

2.  the reservoirs will NOT be the same.  They will come with pre-filled
300 unit cartridges that can be removed from the pump at any time.

3. Response for repair of the pump should be one business day.  And
because there is only one pump, Disetronic is including with the pump
their new pen to be used until a replacement arrives.  I think this pen
has been redesigned from the previous pen they sold.  The insulin
cartridges will be interchangeable with the pump so there will be no
waste of insulin.

4.  If you have not used your 2nd pump from Disetronic yet you can be
grandfathered into their power of choice program. Just call a rep and let
them know that you would like to do this.  Up grades will be free in this

5.  The D-tron is slightly bigger than the H-tron.  The measurements for
the D-tron are 105x48x21 and the H-tron are 84x54x19.  The weight for the
D-tron will be 120gms as opposed to the H-tron at 100gms.

I received all of this info from Angela Bauer at Disetronic.  She is in
the process right now of learning about the D-tron and has vowed to me
that if she doesn't know an answer to a question I may have she will find
it for me.  Her e-mail and Phone number are:
email @ redacted
1-800-280-7801  ext. 5287

Hope that someone may find this useful.

Sheila Morris
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