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Re: [IP] Depression and Diabetes

    I got chills reading your candid "true confessions". My first cousin was 
dx'd his freshman year of college. Being brilliant (and arrogant and 
egocentric), he never allowed anyone to "know" or to help him out - including 
years later when he was a successful pulmonologist. He felt he knew himself 
better than anyone else, and even did procedures on patients in a hospital 
where none of his colleagues or staff knew about his diabetes. It made me 
CRAZY when he'd tell me that. Now, in retrospect, I wonder if part of his 
"false bravado" wasn't attributable to depression stemming from his "perfect 
SAT score personna" having been tarnished by his diagnosis!
    9 years ago, his wife died in an accidental fall, leaving him with a 7 yr 
old son and a 16 yr old son. I think he was already begining to have 
complications, but rather than devote himself to better self-care, he took a 
fatalistic attitude that he knew he would die early anyway, & traveled to 
exotic locations with his sons, believing he was leaving them with great 
memories. I don't even think he was checking his bgs regularly & was relying 
on his sons to be "there" for any emergencies.
    Two years ago this month, already on dialysis, he passed away at home at 
age 51, discovered by his then 14 yr old son ( who eerily had been the one to 
find his mother too at the bottom of the stairs after she'd fallen!) The 2 
boys went through a horrific first year, with the younger one bouncing around 
from relative to relative & thankfully locating a wonderful boarding school 
for teens with "issues" this school year - a setting in which he has 
absolutely flourished. His older brother was married in December, and will be 
moving to Chicago...so life does go on....
    But I don't even have to ask to know that those 2 sons would gladly 
relinquish the memories of trips to Russia and Egypt to have had more years 
with their father. And when Melissa was diagnosed 7 1/2 years ago, my cousin 
DID say to her " don't do what I did- take care of yourself".....I'm happy 
for your loved ones  Andrew that you received your "wake-up call" in time....

Regards, Renee ( Melissa's pump-mom and advocate)
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