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[IP] Depression and Diabetes

Gee I thought I was the only one who never tested and only thought about my
D unless I was too low or too high. I don't know how I survived without more
bouts of DKA. What was really depressing was a woman who I had been dating
for years telling me she wouldn't even consider a serious relationship
because of my diabetes and she was a ICU/CCU RN. That was a real ego
crushing event. One night I had to go to the ER to see a patient who was in
a stupor. I got out of bed and was really p.o'd because I knew that I was
going to have a Technicolor yawn.
I had to go because I'd never call a colleague to take a call because of D.
When I got to the ER I saw the patient who was a local bum who had
accumulated ER frequent flier miles (he'd been there so often they gave him
a clinic card). He was filthy, needed a bath and I barfed on him, causing
the ER nurses to put me in bed and order lab work. I then got an ER nurse
delivered lecture on my bad diabetes habits. They called my doc who
suggested admission but I signed out AMA - against medical advice and went
home where I got a lecture from my wife about my bad attitude towards my D.
My kids were getting up to go to school so they also lectured me. I'd never
told any of my colleagues about my D but the next morning every hospital
employee knew what my bg and CO2 was the night before. I started to see a
shrink who actually helped me cope a little better. Thank god for
antidepressants and psychotherapy. Years later the shrink asked me the
seminal event in deciding to get therapy and I told him, when every hospital
employee knows my BG and ketostix numbers better than I do, it's time.  AB

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