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Re: [IP] carb counting (was not eating--just 'cause)

a person can use R or velosulin human R or humalog. Some mix thier R and
I am not able to use Humalog so I use Velosulin R.
I would ask your doc why you were told to use only the humulof.
You can read about the various insulins by going to the insulin pumpers
home pages and in the archives you will find discussions about mixing.
I hope you find what works for you:) If your doctor won't "give" you the
freedom you should have on the pump or using MDI then I think I would try
to find another M.D
Just my thoughts on the topic,
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At 12:35 PM 04/11/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>I'm learning new things everyday!  Thanks.  I have been reading so much
>other types of insulin being used in the pump.  I was told I could ONLY use 
>Humalog - ever!  I had been on Humalin N 15u in am and 5 u in p.m. and some 

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