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Re: [IP] Diabetes for Christmas

I am so sad to read you were diagnosed around the Holidays :(  I was
diagnosed around spring break time and it almost cost me being a grade
behind because I missed so much school but mom had a way to work things out:)
I became very sick with both measles..german and red..I got both twice and
then the mumps..all within a month and a half and once I was over that I
had my tonsils out and had a severe reaction to the anesthesia and wasn't
coming out of it. My body was on overload..this was in spring. Then got the
chicken pox..I was always sick with weird things but at least when I got
these things they could be diagnosed. I still think I had diabetes before
that but who knows now. My endo thinks I may have had this since age 5 but
wasn't discoverd until age 8 when all of the above took place. I remember
always being so thirsty..being sick all the time..skinny as a rail back
then and having to go to the bathroom all the time and having accidents
because I couldn't go to the bathroom as needed when I was in school. This
is a really difficult memory for me because kids teased me..but I couldn't
help it.
I remember mom and dad having to stop along side of the road so i could go
when we would go visit my grandparents who just lived 2 hours away.
I was always so tired and never could keep up with the rest of the
kids..and since I wasn't "normal" I was teased alot by kids..but they
didn't know and I didn't know. I think that was the most sad part. I lived
in the era when people didn't move around alot and most of the kids I went
to grade school with I also went to high school with and at one high school
reunion one guy was drunk and at the microphone and memories were being
shared and of all things he remembered that in kindergarden I had
accidents..And it was blarred all over the loud speakers. I was so
embarrassed and have not been to a reunion since. I am a nice person but I
am a very private modest person and that just did me in. Oh well...since
then that guy sadly died in a car accident.
Oh well that is the past :) But it is quite a memory. Funny because in high
school all the boys wanted to go out with me LOL. 3 yrs after graduating I
found my soulmate and we have almost 31 yrs behind us..and he is a treasure
and we have been with each other through the good times and bad/sad
times..I am thankful:) he believes in the committment he made to me so many
years ago when we said our wedding vows to each other.. He is such a
sweetheart. And he has been through the worst with me and still finds me
lovable..even in the worst times...now that is a special person ;) diabetes
doesn't turn him off LOL he really works with me with the diabetes..
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At 11:08 PM 05/01/2000 -0700, you wrote:
>At 10:17 PM 5/1/00 -0400, Jennifer wrote:
> >I always wondered how many people got Diabetes as a Christmas present?

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