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Re: [IP] Snack on Finger Foods While Nursing (was PG, IDDM, & Pumping)

I am type I and I nursed all my children. There are various ways to hold an
infant while nursing as one eats a snack and drinks fluids. My daughter
just had her second baby and she nurses him as well as she nursed thier
first child. She holds the baby like a little football and places him
partly under her arm as he nurses and her other hand is freed up to eat her
snacks. She is  to eat about 500 calories mores per day and she is losing
her weight she gained (A whole 15 pounds). She also uses pillows and even
has a nursing pillow. Wish there were all these neat things when I had my
Anyway..nursing and eating can be done. When her first baby went through a
growth spirt she was told to drink a beer once a day to help with the milk
let down. It worked. She only needed to do that for the first couple of
days during the growth spirt.
Nursing a baby is as individual of a thing as diabetes is for each of us so
I would say
YMMV. Each woman has to do what works best for them :) And daddy's need to
help run and make the snacks and get the drinks :)
Ginny proud gma of new baby Cordell and his older (a whole 1 1/2 yrs old)
brother Henry who has decided that Cordell is here to stay at his house :P
LOL what precious gifts I have been given:)
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At 07:41 PM 05/01/2000 -0700, you wrote:
>Jeff's very helpful website had one piece of advice that is always given 
>and always baffles me.  I think that it can only have been thought up by a 
>clueless man or childless woman.  The advice is as follows:
>"B. If nursing, continue on meal plan as if you were pregnant. Your body 
>needs 250-500 extra calories for milk production. That is like a daily 
>workout. Lows are common during nursing due to the calorie demands and 
>hormonal shifts. Snack on finger foods while nursing and remember to push 

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