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Re: [IP] sleeping hands

In a message dated 5/1/00 10:35:27 AM EST, email @ redacted writes:

<< Another thought about the hands - mine were doing that - and I found out 
it was the nerves in my neck that go to the hands >>

I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel several years ago, but was not given a 
nerve conductivity test -- was just told by my endo that it was a diabetic 
thang.  I read some books that came up with the same conclusion about carpal 
tunnel being just more prevalent among diabetics.  So I've gotten along with 
wearing a wrist splint at night to keep my hand from going numb.  I've also 
more recently been bothered by pain in my neck and shoulders that I just 
attributed to stress or whatever (maybe sitting at my computer reading all 
the IP posts :)  Well the pain got so bad that I decided to see a 
chiropractor last week.  He informed me from my x-rays that I have arthritis 
in my neck -- that a bone spur between my 6th and 7th vertabrae are pressing 
on the nerve that goes down into my hand.  Interesting to find out that it's 
not necessarily diabetes related -- except as far as diabetes and arthritis 
are both autoimmune diseases, aren't they?  Don't yet know what my next step 
will be or what the options are -- besides the old "learn to live with it" 
routine.  Just be sure you check everything out.  Don't just accept the "it's 
the diabetes" answer.
Brenda  43 years D, 4 years pumping

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