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[IP] Snack on Finger Foods While Nursing (was PG, IDDM, & Pumping)

Jeff's very helpful website had one piece of advice that is always given 
and always baffles me.  I think that it can only have been thought up by a 
clueless man or childless woman.  The advice is as follows:

"B. If nursing, continue on meal plan as if you were pregnant. Your body 
needs 250-500 extra calories for milk production. That is like a daily 
workout. Lows are common during nursing due to the calorie demands and 
hormonal shifts. Snack on finger foods while nursing and remember to push 

You just TRY to support a breast in one hand, an infant in the other, and 
snack on finger foods at the same time. It may be possible but I've nursed 
two infants and have never been able to do it.

Snack before you nurse.

I did experience a lot of lows while nursing, usually because the baby 
started on a growth spurt and used up a lot more of my calories without 
giving me advanced warning.  I mentioned this to my pediatrician and he 
said, "Yeah, it's kind of like your body going out and playing basketball 
without telling you, isn't it?"  Thought that was a pretty fair assessment.

One additional tip:  push fluids while pregnant also.  I refer to those 
prenatal vitamins as constipation pills because of their high iron 
content.  Pushing fluids keeps everything moving along and helps to prevent 
hemorrhoids.  Walking also helps a lot.


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