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[IP] My "cares"

Due to a few recent threads, I've decided to post a few thing care about
and some that I don't while I'm going through IP posts...

I don't care...
~what type of pump you use... unless I'm asking a pump specific question
(like how to do a square wave bolus on a D).  In the grand scheme of
things, it really doesn't make a difference.  All three companies are
exactly that.  Companies that are out to make a profit.  I would love to
have the waterproofness of a D, the backlight of the MM, the low volume
alarm of the D, the availablity of the MM batteries at local stores, the
looks of the MM, the different bolus waves of the MM, the 0.0 temp basal
rate of the MM, exc.  Things are changing with the new pumps that are
coming out, especially with the Animas.  But those were some points I
looked at when I was considering.  There are things I would like that no
pump has (such as a simple alarm feature, so I could set my pump to wake me
up at 3 am to check my bg).
~if your opinion if different than mine (remember YMMV) as long as I am not
attacked for my opinion.  I know we are not always going to agree, but
maybe we will be able to understand the other side better (or even learn
something) by discussing it (without attacking each other).
~if you can spel, have good grammer, or can use puncuation marks correctly;
As long as the rest of us IPer can understand what you are trying to say
(however including the entire message you are responding to does make it
difficult for those of us who read the digest, along with HTML)

I DO care...
~about how members are doing.  If they are having a good day or a rough
day.  Success or difficulties they encounter.  The emotional side can be so
hard to deal with and find any understanding from others (my support group
I go to, one other person who is on a pump and I really like does not
understand why I would question ANYTHING my endo says...)
~about information and techniques that members have tried.  I can learn a
lot from other people's successes AND failures.  Always keeping in mind
that while it worked for them, it might not work for me.

Thank you Michael and all of the other volunteers that make IP possible!

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