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Re: [IP] Depression and Diabetes

I read your post and said "oh my gosh, did I write that??"  I have had DM
for 10 years now and I'd say in denial for at least 8 of those.  I did all
the same things you did, all the time thinking I was a bad person for doing
it and that every other diabetic must be doing it right why couldn't I.
It's nice to know many of us go through something similar.  Thanks so much
for sharing.  Sometimes even when I get frustrated I think, "at least I am
doing SOMETHING."  My therapist has helped me realize that doing even the
least little thing makes me feel better.  Let me know how that visit with
the therapist goes.  You can email me privately if you want.

email @ redacted

<I now acknowledge and am working on dealing with.  I
>lived my entire life (24 of my almost 25 year life) where I essentially was
>in a denial about my diabetes.  Now at first that sounds really odd to me,
>because I never flat out denied it, nor did I do any severe things to hurt
>myself with my insulin.   But I definitely did avoid thinking realistically
>about how I could be hurting myself in the long run.  Like many others on
>this list (I assume) I would go weeks or months sometimes without testing
>sugar (unless I felt low) and based all my insulin decisions on how I felt
>and if I had eaten a lot or a little.   I suppose I also never really
>believed that I would live to have a full life.  I would tell others all
>wonderful things that are being done in the world of research and remind
>others that diabetics can live full happy healthy lives if they take care

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