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[IP] CGMS results-long

Eve was on the minimed CGSM starting on Tue. morning 4/18/00 to Fri. morning
4/21/00. I want to let everyone know how Eve did on the CGMS. MM has a new
inserter that Eve used to insert the sensor with. This inserter looks like
it maybe could be used to insert sils, b/c the legs are at an angle. The
sensor stopped working for Eve on Thur. 4/20/00 at about 4:30 p.m.

We felt going into this testing that Eve could feel her lows, boy were we
We felt she also had a strong dawn/dusk phenomenon, once again we were
We felt she was staying in her target range and going high from there,
b/c we could never catch any lows, once again we were wrong.
We (and our CDE) felt that she going high from eating then staying high,
again we were wrong.

Eve's flow chart looks like the Richter scale from several earthquakes with
their aftershocks. Eve's lows were so short lived that they were impossible
to catch with her meter. And these gave us (false) highs that would normally
be corrected with more insulin further aggravating the rebound cycle. In one
24-hour period she had 13 low peaks, sometimes not even coming back and
reaching 80mg before going back down. Some of her readings headed down
past the 40mg mark (the CGMS only records to 40mg and
then makes a flat line); we don't know how low she went sometimes. Then
heading back up to the 350mg mark. One day in the evening we took her bg 3
time in 5 hours each time her bgs were in the target range, when we saw her
chart she had 3 lows and two highs, we had just caught her going up or
coming down, from lows resulting in rebounds. Most of the time when she was
in her target range she was just passing through. We had done some testing
where we would test her every other hour (1,3,5,etc.) and only found highs
or in range bgs. It turns out
that we were missing the lows, these times she was having lows on the other
hours (the ones weren't testing) or the  hour. We also found that at 2 a.m.
she would drop 50+mgs in  hour. This we found on both nights that the
sensor was working. We had suspected that she could drop 50mgs to 100mgs in
a  hour but could never prove it.

I know the purpose of the CGMS is for looking for trends, not hard numbers.
We found many trends, like at 2 a.m. on both nights she dipped down past the
80mg mark and rebounded and again at 4:30a.m. she made a dip and started
up. Both of these times were not from extra exercise or extra insulin in her
body. On both days on the school bus (she doesn't want to test on the bus)
4p.m. she starts rising.

This monitor opened our eyes to what is really happening.

Deborah mom to Eve 12.75
Dxed 5/3/96 pumping 5/21/99

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