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Re: [IP] The use of friends

Deborah wrote:
> I agree with you. My point was that this sub didn't want to do his job. His
> job was to read the sub folder.

There is no such info in the sub folders in our district. If there is in
yours, you are VERY lucky. It also might be harder in middle school and
high school, because the sub has 150 students to manage, and can't even
learn their names, let alone who has what health problem. 

I think Eve needs to advocate for herself by letting a sub KNOW she has
diabetes -- trying to fill in for a teacher when you don't know the kids
or the routine and have less than a half-hour to prepare is pretty hard,
and subs need all the help they can get! 
> Some subs think all kids are trying to pull a fast one on them. Trying to
> get out of work by acting up. I've been in a classroom where a sub didn't
> listen to the kids, and I had to step in.

Some kids ARE trying to pull a fast one on them. The sub has to make the
decision on the spot whether a kid's complaint is real or not. 20/20
hindsight is good, but the sub is under a LOT of pressure on that one.
Some kids will pull the "I'm sick" ploy just to get out of class and go
relax in the bathroom, and some classes have a tradition of doing that
repeatedly to subs. (Have you ever subbed? I have, and it's NO easy
I hope that Eve always wears her diabetes identification -- that goes a
long way toward convincing a sub that she's telling the truth. And if a
friend can tell the sub she's having a low, and know what to do, it will
make life easier for everyone. 

> he didn't wanted to take any responsibility but he still want to
> get paid.

Just hope you know that in most districts, subs get paid less than grape
pickers (In our district, it's $75 a day, before taxes) -- no benefits,
no vacation pay -- if they don't call you on a given day, you don't make
any money AND you can't get unemployment during the summer because you
have the promise of work in September. Most subs are NOT experienced
teachers, and subbing is extremely hard work. 

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