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Re: [IP] The use of friends

email @ redacted wrote:
> Other children can be incredibly helpful;
> and this is not to say that children are responsible.  The adult should
> handle things right.

As a teacher, I ALWAYS want the kids to let me know if they know
something that I don't. The administration, so far, has NEVER let me
know about children's health problems in a timely manner, and then there
are always those unplanned occurrences that no one could have foreseen,
like when the 9th grader's heart stopped while she was in the bathroom
after a sports practice. 

Fortunately, someone saw her collapse, and immediately got the male
teacher who ran into the girls' bathroom and started CPR on her, and she
survived with no damage! 

If an adult seems nonchalant about your child's diabetes, it's most
likely ignorance -- they may really not have a clue about how serious it
can be -- and so it seems to me that as a caring parent, you need not to
be judgmental, but to educate the person. There are so many chronic
diseases out there, and NO teacher training to address it -- and the
sheets that they eventually send out on children with problems tend to
be very sketchy -- and you can't go looking for it in case of emergency

The usual response of the administration is that you should call an
administrator first, and then the nurse (or clinic assistant), if you
can. They're supposed to take care of things like calling the paramedics
- -- we don't have an outside line, anyway. 

So yeah, if your child's friend has seen problems and knows what to do
(in other chronic illnesses as well as diabetes!), I, as a teacher
welcome that assistance! 

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