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[IP] Carbo counting device or software???

I have been searching for a carbohydrate counting calculator or software for 
my Palm III that has a GOOD food data base w/their carbs listed. I've even 
gone as far as contacting MiniMed and asking them to consider manufacturing 
such a device. It SEEMS to be a "no-brainer" since we need to count carbs, at 
the very least, in order to control our diabetes.
MiniMed's reply was that they were considering putting something on their web 
site - but nothing portable.
DIETLOG is still developing GLUCOLOG - a management data base that 
incorporates their food data base from DIETLOG, however, it's PS based - not 
MAC. I have a MAC. Their software is for the PALM OS format (but you have to 
load it on your PC) They don't know if/when they will offer something for Mac 
I'm tired of lugging those thick paperbacks around. In the age of electronic 
wizardry, you would think that something like this would be out there for us. 
Is there something like what I've described out there for us?

Thanks for listening.

Scott Mendoker
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