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Re: [IP] 504 meeting tommorrow

> Eve is going to a jr hi next year from an elementary school and we
> are setting up a new 504 Plan for her tomorrow. She will be having
> at least 8 different teachers (homeroom included). Some of her class
> will be for a quarter or a semester only, and she will be having
> different teachers (she could have up to 11 different teachers)
> later on in the school year. This will be very different from her 1
> teacher now.
> Do I have to make sure that these teachers know that she has a 504
> Plan or will the school automatically forward the 504 Plan to the
> new teachers?
Depends on whether or not the school really does its job.

> Should I meet with all of her teachers before school starts next
> fall?
Your meeting should not take long, give them something similar to the 
"Letter to Teachers and Coaches" on the kids page and your phone 
number. Most teachers that I've met are pretty good about things like 

> Should I ask that gym be scheduled after lunch for her (can I do
> this)?
Not necessarily. Just make sure the gym teacher knows the problems 
and that your daughter is responsible enough to say -- no I can't do 
this I'm high/low, whatever. Give her some number boundries, 
something like below 70, above 160 -- no physical activities (much 
more stringent for swimming and cross country).

>> I know that she will be eating lunch at about 10:45, I'm worried
> about her going low in the afternoon, b/c she won't be home until
> after 3(long bus ride).

I suggest you get her basals straightened out so she does not go low 
+ the usual precautions. She's old enough to deal with most 
situations herself. If she has one or two regular bus drivers, give 
them the mom speech and write up as well.
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