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Re: [IP] 504 meeting tommorrow

> Should I meet with all of her teachers 
> before school starts next fall?
I always just made sure all my teachers knew I was 
diabetic and if I lost conciousness what the most 
likely reason was and what to do.

> Should I ask that gym be scheduled after 
> lunch for her (can I do this)?
I asked for first class of the day and got it.  I chose 
this time period because my morning numbers have always 
required the most work to bring down.

> What other things should I ask for?
Find out the school's policy on students carrying 
around prescription medicines.  My school didn't have a 
problem with it (they wanted to avoid the liability of 
something going wrong on school grounds when they had 
control of the medication) but some schools don't even 
allow students to carry aspirin... the notion of 
syringes sets off instant alarms.

Also, the issue I had the biggest problem with was 
snack foods... my school had a STRICT code on allowing 
students to eat or drink ANYTHING in class... I had to 
fight several detention slips I got for sucking on 
pieces of hard candy during lows and prior to tests (I 
found going slightly high was better for thought 
processes than being slightly low)

- -Sara G.

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