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[IP] health fair & D. diagnosis of friend

I just had to share this with everyone.  Jessica's school held a carnival
and health fair Saturday, and she and I ran the Diabetes information Booth. 
We were right next to Richie of Richie's Pharmacy, the man that has been so
wonderful in helping us get Jessica's supplies straightened out.  Anyway, he
was doing blood sugar and blood pressure checks.  Needless to say, Everyone
I spoke to I sent to him to get a blood sugar test, and he ended up doing
just over 100 tests in 3 hours.  Had 4 people with blood sugars between 220
& 275 that he recommended they call their Dr., but the rest were fine. 
Except for 1 lady who has been working at the school and is a great help to
me whenever we needed something at the school.  Her tests (we did 3, 2 on
his meter & 1 on Jessica's) all came back in the 470 range.  I was
devastated.  She has been so wonderful with Jessica all these years, and now
she is going to have to deal with this horrible thing also.  It just isn't
fair!  Unfortunately she didn't take my advice and go home and call her Dr.,
she waited till this morning, tested herself at school on Jessica's meter,
came in at 300 and then called her Dr.  She had all the classic signs, and
the nurse is now kicking herself for not realizing it sooner.  She lost 20
pounds, was lethargic and flushed alot of the time, and when I asked her if
she ever got up at night to use the bathroom she said yes, all night long,
about 4-5 times a night.  She said she knew something was wrong, but was in
a state of denial.  She was happy to lose the weight, and figured the other
things came about because she had stopped taking her hormones about 2 months
ago.  She is going to the Dr. today though and will keep me updated.  I hate
this disease affecting the life of another friend :(  But Jessica has
promised to help her any way she can, including testing their blood sugars
together for moral support.  She is such an angel.  Sorry this has been so
long, but I needed to get it off my chest.  Too bad I can never get it out
of my heart :~(

Mom of Jessica, age 8, diagnosed @ 9 months, pumping 1.9 years & Jarred, 9

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