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Re: [IP] Free Meter Thread

Sherry: I chuckled as I read about your wanting another back up meter.
I use a Dex and in the Diabetic Forecast you can get one free for ordering 
the strips.  Wanting another meter to always carry in my purse I called to 
order one.
When the girl asked what meter I had been using I said "Dex."  She stated 
that she could not send me a free one as it was just an offer for those using 
other meters.  Ugh!

I asked her if we could begin again with the questions about the meter I was 
using and I said, well, if that's the case, I am using the Glumator Elite.  
Since I was ordering 200 Dex strips I figured I'd say whatever they wanted me 
to say to get the free Dex.  She spoke with her supervisor and came back and 
took my order and included a free Dex.  I would have thought they would have 
been delighted with someone ordering 200 strips who tests 10 times a day.  
Incidentally for those who wonder about the accuracy of the Dex.  I tested 
with the Dex and the Glucometer Elite and they was a 4 point difference.  I 
liked that!
Got my Pumping Insulin Vol III ordered and can't wait till it arrives.  

I will be having my A1C and thyroid done tomorrow to check out these thyroid 
symptoms and the BG control.  Last one 6 mos ago was 7.9.
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