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Re: [IP] sleeping hands

Another thought about the hands - mine were doing that - and I found out =
it was the nerves in my neck that go to the hands (one nerve goes to the =
thumb, index and middle of middle finger and another nerve goes to the =
middle of middle finger and ring finger and pinky) - if you notice one =
side of the hand being more numb than the other - check out your nerves in =
your neck - I now try to get a massage in my neck as much as possible, to =
keep It working and this has helped my hands from going numb!  Also ice on =
my  neck after work helps keep the sweeling of the nerves down.

just a thought


>>> <email @ redacted> 05/01/00 08:46AM >>>
        A couple of weeks ago my hands started to "fall asleep" at nght. =
primary (on the phone) said it's a diabetic thang, but it's odd to me that
it started so qiuickly. It's not a biggee on the scale of death and taxes;
but..... Is this a common side effect?

        Meeting a pumper for lunch and to borrow the Walsh book. Someone
asked when the new edition is coming out. You can call Torrey Pines Press =
800-1 800-988-4772  I beleive it will be out in about a month-six weeks.
they accept orders now of course.

        Bob Alexander

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