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[IP] Black doesn't rule me

>  Many people may OWN a blue or purple or tan or hot pink pump, but
> they put it in a black leather case....don't worry about the color causing
> a problem with the insulin - think of how it will affect your wardrobe....
> Black RULES...blue pumps are for wussies...KIDDING...back off you silly
> bulldogs!!
> Sara who LOVEs her black MM507 a LOT

Dear Loving Sara <vbg>,
I'm a 60-yr-old ol' lady and black didn't *rule* in my day. ;)   Therefore,
I have more than 50 vinyl bags in different colors to coordinate with my
*stuff.*  I can't tolerate (on moi) a black back with a yellow or pink
outfit. Sore thumbs stand out and I don't want Bluda Sue to be a sore spot.
My *new* backologist noticed the other day that whatever I wear I have a bag
that matches as much as possible. He thought it was neat. The 1/3 fabric
softener sheet tucks in very nicely to reduce static electricity (for ANY
make of pump). These zipper-type cigarette cases/coin purses are a lot
cheaper than $17+ bucks, too.
Jan - I <3 my 507c MORE ;)

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