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[IP] ] Free Meter Thread

Sherry wrote:  
>  Grr...ok I should complain since I am getting it free.  

nahhh - take it...use it a day or two, then CALL and say you are SOOO 
grateful they sent you this meter for free, and you like it alright, but it 
REALLY does not work as well for you as the PROFILE, and since you do need a 
back upmeter in case your MAIN meter goes down, andyou would HATE to have to 
use the DEX or QID or Accucheck, or whatever COMPETITION brand you may have, 
would they please be able to send you a profile since you love it so much?

OR...call  a couple of itmes when yo first get fast take, having 
problems...the strip gives an err message, or whatever...have them walk you 
through it...then call again and say it just isn't working for you...What the 
heck - give it a shot..you may actually like the fast take...

46 ours. tick tick tick
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