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[IP] Free Meter Thread

A while back everyone was writing/calling the meter companies and asking for
free meters.  I wrote to the LifeScan website asking if I could get a free
One Touch Profile, since I use mine religiously and would really like a
backup meter.  I use the software and would like to be able to get the data
from both machines and use it as one report.  I also mentioned that I had 2
accuchecks I had gotten and the software and even though I didn't like them
as much, I was contemplating switching because I had two of those.   I went
on about the number of strips I use etc.  

The person at the website wrote back and asked me if I had tried the
FastTake.  I replied no, and that I really just wanted a second Profile.  

The person at the website wrote back and said they were sending me a
FastTake and I would get it in the mail in a few days.

Grr...ok I should complain since I am getting it free.  I just don't know if
I want it.  I really really wanted a second profile.  This way I can keep a
set at work and not have to lug my stuff back and forth all the time.  Guess
these free meter tries don't always go as planned.

- -- Sherry
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