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Re: [IP] sleeping hands

<< A couple of weeks ago my hands started to "fall asleep" at nght. My
primary (on the phone) said it's a diabetic thang, but it's odd to me that
it started so qiuickly. It's not a biggee on the scale of death and taxes;
but..... Is this a common side effect? >>

I'm not sure if it is related to diabetes or not. But, having said that, I
had the same problem a few years ago.  My problem was caused by my tendency
to put my hands over my head while sleeping, thus raising them above the
level of my heart. I have solved the problem by sleeping with an extra
pillow, not under my head, but clutched against my abdomen. By giving my
arms something to hold on to, I am able to keep myself from letting them
drift above my head. 

It was a scary feeling. My hands would get so numb that it would take
several minutes of clenching and unclenching my fists to get the
circulation going again.

Mary Jean
Just passed my 10 year anniversary of diagnosis. Pumping for 3+ years.
Test before you drive

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