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[IP] something i learned by experience

This may sound odd to some and now that i look back at it it seems odd that
i missed the unexplained highs that start to go up 2-3 hours after meals.

I would check my sugars about 2 hours after a meal and find my sugars to be
perfect just to go back about 1 hour later to see the numbers going up.
and then it just hit me.  Since i usually eat alot of protien during  meal
i figured that since humalog starts to decline so soon after i take it
(usually 2 hours).  and that is about when the protien is starting to kick
in.  so i found out taking another small bolus about 30-45 minutes after
the meal  (for us without a dual wave bolus) would keep my numbers in a
good range.

i hope this helps someone.

Brian Carter
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