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[IP] Vicarious Fame! :) Interesting Conference

Well, I had an interesting experience over the weekend!

I went to Seattle to visit my son, and to attent the Take Control of
your Diabetes Conference which is put on by Dr. Steven Edelman. 

It was a good conference, if a bit general and rushed -- they were
trying to cover everything, and of course, there isn't enough time to go
into ANYTHING in depth. But I did learn a few interesting tidbits, and I
think the conference would be EXCELLENT for anyone who needs some
brush-up on their DM info, or a good general intro -- expecially newly
diagnosed people.

In the morning, I was wandering around the health fair (looking for
interesting freebies -- there weren't any!) and a nice-looking young
woman comes up to me and says, "Aren't you on the Insulin Pumpers list?" 

Turns out her name is Denise Gordon, and she is a lurker on the list,
and recognized my name because I'm too garrulous to be a lurker!!!  :)

It was really nice to meet another member! We had lunch together and
nice conversation!

After lunch, I attended the pump sessions -- I learned some new things
there, too -- there were at least 75 people in the room -- I really
wished we could have had a round-table rather than listening to a CDE
talk about the pump -- the reason is that CDE's HAVE to adhere to the
party line, whereas real life pumpers will tell you what works or
doesn't work for them. Not always the same thing. 

We did get to ask a lot of questions -- there were several new pumpers
and gonna-be pumpers -- according to Dr. Irl Hirsch, there are now
600,000 pumpers in the U.S. -- the number is growing rapidly.

In addition, Dr. Hirsch, who is a Type 1 pumper and an endocrinologist,
thinks that there is a good rationale for putting Type 2's on the pump
as well -- I can't help thinking that if more docs would do THAT, the
market would grow, and maybe the price of pumps and supplies would come
down!!!! (I could be an idealistic dreamer, too!)

Another thing Dr. Edelman said was that the UKPDS showed that there was
really no association between amount of insulin used and heart disease
-- and it's most important to keep your BGs under control -- in other
words, use as much insulin as you need -- if a stack of pancakes and
syrup needs 10 units to cover it, then take the 10 units, even though
that seems like a HUGE bolus. 

So on Sunday morning I had pancakes -- and took the 10 units, and was
161 two hours after eating (which is pretty much when I peak). Four
hours after, I was 132 -- not bad numbers! 

I totaled 31.2 units for the day, because of that large breakfast bolus,
but I'm telling myself I needn't feel guilty for using that much insulin
-- and that sometimes pigging out on carbs is just fine! It's still a
hard habit to overcome, though! 

There were a bunch of free screenings available, so I got a podiatric
screening -- no sign of neuropathy yet -- it's been almost 7 years since
diagnosis, and I'm hoping I can stave off neuropathy for a long time to
come! Ditto with heart disease -- they had a free cholesterol and A1c
screening -- the cholesterol was a little distorted -- HDL 65, LDL 41
and Triglycerides 325 (TGs are probably really lower and LDL is surely
higher), since it wasn't fasting, but the A1c was 5.5, which is down
from 5.9 before I got the pump. I thought that was OK, since I still
don't know all the ins and outs of the pump. I'm really aiming for 4.5
though (before you react, remember, I have an atypical A1c, and run a
percentage point or two below what would be expected from my BGs).

So all in all, it was a good experience. 

And on Sunday, I got my very first Low Battery Alarm, but I had been a
GOOD GIRL, and had spares with me, so it was easy enough to change them
(if I could manipulate them into and out of that silly carrier!). 

So anyway, now I'm home, feeling pretty content!

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