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[IP] Re: Awake in the Middle of the Night

For all you sleepy parents -- add another to the group! Yes, my husband 
snores, but I run a fan, so that pretty much takes care of that! However, he 
is a 'night owl' so to speak, so when testing needs to be done at our house 
in the middle of the night, he gladly does the midnight check -- when he 
doesn't fall asleep in front of the TV! Now, I'm not trying to bash men, and 
I do love him dearly, but how hard can it be to set the TV alarm so you know 
you will be awake instead of just telling me!! I'm one of those people, that 
if I know I have to be awake at a certain time, if I don't set an alarm, I'll 
sleep fitfully, worrying I won't wake up in time! And the same applies when 
it's someone in my family -- if I think they may not get up in time, I might 
as well stay up! Am I a worrier? Not typically, really! And the 3 a.m. 
checks? Forget it!! I'll do them myself -- I'd rather set my alarm and get up 
than worry about him missing it! Oh well -- could be worse, I guess! lol

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