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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #180

In case I confused everyone with my last question I talked to Minimed and
the rep told me that the tape that comes with the infusion set goes
directly over the part that is left in your skin and the plastic tubing
just goes under the tape.  I thought that the plastic wire had to come
through the hole itself!  I was cutting the tape so that I could get the
plastic wire to stick through the hole in the tape. This gummed up the
sissors and mangled the tape so that it wouldn't stick.  I hope I am
explaining this so that you can understand me.  I thought the  plastic wire
had to thread through the hole rather than lie under it and come out the
side.  Sorry for the confusion.  You wouldn't believe the weird things I
tried to make it thread through.  I tried threading it through before I
hooked the infusion set to the luer value on the resevoir, but I was still
left with the backing tape to remove and so I still needed to cut it, so I
considered trying to remove the backing tape prior to threading it through
etc.  I will get the hang of this one day!  Today is my first day on
insulin via the pump so we will see how it goes.  

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