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[IP] 2nd question: about morning highs

Not the pre-prandial type. My waking sugars are great. But I recently
discovered that I am incredibly resistant to insulin in the am, and I
wasn't so aware of this because I'm not much of a breakfast eater. 

Two mornings ago I was at 116 or so at 6 am, then up to 150-160  1 1/2
hours later with no food, just some cream in coffee. (my body considers
this amount trivial at other times of the day.) When I attempted to have
breakfast I needed double the insulin dose and frequently ended up at
300 if I didn't get it right. I have now decided to experiment with
raising basals at 6-7-8 am because my sugars rise whether  I eat or not.
( I sort of knew this before but dismissed it.)

The opposite is true at night. I need considerably less insulin. 
Others with this situation?  I'm trying to ascertain exactly what time
of the morning I can change the ratio of insulin to carb. Seems by 10:30
or 11 I am less resistant. 
I realize that a basal rate adjustment will make a difference. 

All of this made it hard to feel confident about camping. My kids and I
I got a ride back with another family and it was really nice to have
someone else in charge, once in a while...Sigh. 
Any other single moms with diabetes out there? 
At least it's me with the diabetes, not my kids....
I just want to be there for them, for a looong time...Kathy
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