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[IP] Finally went camping but I have a question

The Q is: What do other people do when they expect to be outdoors for
several days and you want to avoid changing tubing while camping? It
seems sensible to change tubing just before you go but then you run the
risk of having SITE problems or whatever the heck else was going on last

The problem seemed to clear when I finally changed the site. This is not
a common problem at all with me so I am still confused as to what
happened. Even if I underdosed myself for two crackers, it seems crazy
that it took multiple boluses to bring my BSs down. My ex-husband
finally gave the kids and me a ride 2 hours to our friend's land! I was
uncomfortable being the only adult and driving plus I was going to rent
a car as mine is sick....blah blah blah....

As soon as the BSs cleared all went well, although I did need some extra
Sweet-tarts. I admit I am not sure I am ready to camp for an extended
period, however. 

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