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Re: [IP] Kinked cannulas..need help for another pumper mom

Duck And Barb wrote:
>  A fellow parent who has a child on the pump has asked me to see if I
> can get any answers for her  from the IP.   She has a son,thin,  who has
> been on the pump for over a year now, he is on sils, and she is having
> major crimp problems.  I believe the area they tend to stay with is on
> the back, I couldn't swear to this, but I think the majority of them are
> there.   

OK, using areas on the back can be tricky, since there is a rather small
area just below the belt that needs to be used. Other places may well run 
into muscle involvement, which has a high probability of crimping canulas
at the fat/muscle interface. 

I've also seen it suggested that thin children should push a Sil in less, so
as not to go too deep, regardless of angle (or in case of mistakes?).
There is also a possible problem when in motion, the kinking may happen
because the site is on the outside of the curve which complicates the isssue
greatly. Maybe that's why I only use my abdomen.

I was
> wondering though, if a site is used a lot can the tissue which hardens
> cause crimping in the cannula?  

Possibly, though they should be able to detect that when it's inserted. 
If it feels tough to push in they may s well pull it out before removing the
needle and try a different site.

This is something I think about, and is
> why we use sites on her butt, back and belly. I don't want to speculate
> that is the problem though as I am just guessing, hoping for some sort
> of answer for her.

I think it would be better if they could use all possible areas to avoid 
overusing any. It's just good sense.
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