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[IP] Kinked cannulas..need help for another pumper mom

Hi folks
 A fellow parent who has a child on the pump has asked me to see if I
can get any answers for her  from the IP.   She has a son,thin,  who has
been on the pump for over a year now, he is on sils, and she is having
major crimp problems.  I believe the area they tend to stay with is on
the back, I couldn't swear to this, but I think the majority of them are
there.   I know also, that they have been having problems with frequent
site changes lately (told her about mixing) and irregular sugars, swings
from high to low for the last while.  They are attempting to recheck
basals but are running into this kinking problem lately which is just
frustrating them to no end.
We have only had one crimped site, and it worked like a charm although
it looked like a 'z' when taken out, (now having said that..you KNOW
what will happen) so I don't have much experience with this one.  I was
wondering though, if a site is used a lot can the tissue which hardens
cause crimping in the cannula?  This is something I think about, and is
why we use sites on her butt, back and belly. I don't want to speculate
that is the problem though as I am just guessing, hoping for some sort
of answer for her.

Any help would be appreciated, you can e'mail me directly or just post
on the digest, I will make sure she gets the information.
Barb...Erica's mom (psssssttttt.....she is on hour 50 and counting for
this site....don't tell anyone!)

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