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[IP] RE: Diagnosis

  My sons were dx'ed when they were 31/2, 18 mos, and 15 mos.  I was
dx'ed when i was 25 while i was on active duty in the navy. I wish that
i had some family history, but due to being adopted i have no history. 
When my second son was dx'ed that was when the doctors told us that men
had a higher chance of passing on the genetic shortcoming.  I believe
that whatever virus is attacking the body some peoples bodies "confuse"
the virus and the insulin producing beta cells.  Had i known my wife and
i would have thought more about having more kids.  I love my kids very
much however as everyone here knows i would not wish diabetes on my
worst enemy.  even the not so friendly deserve some confort in life.  
   Mysons go to a new endo doctor tommorow.  We are looking at pumps for
all 4 of us.  I'll let everyone know how the game plays out tommorow.
Tom,father of 3 great little boys with diabetes.
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