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Re: [IP] sleepless nights & the other pump

All of this talk about sleeplessness and snoring reminds me of the 
first pump that changed my life; CPAP.  To those of you who snore 
loudly (or wake up with sore ribs and your partner has sore elbows 
*g*), look into getting a test at a sleep lab.  They discovered that 
my apnea was disturbing my sleep once a minute and I was 
prescribed the Contiuous Positive Airway Pump, a pump that 
keeps your airway open so that you do not snore and you do get a 
full nights rest (except for the occasional 2 AM test). I have not had 
any problems with sleep since.  Apnea can be very serious and 
can lead to heart problems and death.  

Good Bgs and Good Dreams to all,
George Lovelace    email @ redacted
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