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[IP] Re: Awake in the Middle of the Night


I too sympathize with your dilemma.  My husband NEVER checks Kelly in
the middle of the night, for just that reason; once awake, he stays that
way.  I on the other hand, have grown accustomed to it having had
considerable practice waking up several times a night with three babies
in rapid succession.  I try really hard to "not really wake-up" when I
check her, but if the test indicates further action, i.e. too high or
too low, I have a much harder time going back to sleep, partly because I
must do more things before I go back to sleep, and because  I'm busy
worrying about, "Now why did that happen?", and also because now I  need
to check her AGAIN in a few hours.  Sorry not much help!

Mary, Kelly's Mom, STILL not pumping

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