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[IP] sleepless nights

We are in week 3 of pumping...and have graduated to checking only 1-2 
times/week. However, there are nights that I feel if he is on the lower side 
of normal I SHOULD be checking. Kevins insulin needs have changed so much 
during the day, that in the back of my mind I'm thinking they may change 
during the night!  After reading about the poor 14 year old girl that died, I 
feel justified checking more often!

Lastnight we double checked his overnight basals, so we were up every 2 

We have found it true that my husband can check Kevin in his sleep and be 
happily snoring again the minute his head hits the pillow. I, on the other 
hand,  remain awake thinking about all the #'s of the day, and wondering if 
they make sense....and how many hours I have left to sleep.....or why I 
cannot fall directly asleep like he does.  What's funny is that my husband is 
happy doing the 2 ams for me so I can stay asleep....but I usually listen to 
the ACCUCHECK beeps to see if he is in range  BEFORE I can get to sleep. If 
the beeps are out of range, I'm wide awake waiting to hear the #.

SO, to answer your question about a solution to sleep easier? Sex change ? or 
exhaustion are the only things I can come up with! ha ha. Seriously...if you 
find one, PLEASE let me know!

Mom of Kevin, 11, pumping 3 weeks (and doing better!)
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