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Re: [IP] Re: Mason Miller

>I for one support Michael....
>I trust you have sound reasons...
>CamelsRFun @aol.com

Well stated, I agree with you wholeheartedly!   Prior to entering the members 
only area of the members profiles (which includes e-mail addresses) there is 
a statement which explains the purpose of the members list and  "the rules " 
for use of the list  to protect members.  I can understand that Mr Miller 
wanted to be helpful and provide IP members with a way to access  the wealth 
of information available,  but I dont agree with the way it was done.  As 
well as taliking with michael, he should have posted his plans to everyone on 
the list and asked our permission to use our addressses.  That way people 
have a choice of whether  or not they want to be included.  

just my opinion
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