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Re: [IP] Whewww and "awake in middle of night"

Hi all ---

Geez what a long "run on" sentence I had in the above post but my excuse is 
my sleepy, low, wornout 9yo diabetic daughterr was standing there waiting for 
me as I quickly dashed that off.  .  My apologies.  

I decided to recheck the website and noticed the specific name of the list I 
mentioned is not insulinpumpers but rather is called "insulinpumpusers."  

One last question - does anyone else have a problem going back to sleep after 
they get up to check their child in the middle of the night?  If I have 
worked out particularly hard that day I can usually get back to sleep but if 
not I am WIDE EYED  (like tonight).  If anyone has any ideas I would sooooo 
appreciate them.

Thanks!       Sherri Lynn
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