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RE: [IP] Mason Miller

I am always amazed at the threads people get into on these mailing
lists!  I can't help but laugh at how some things get blown out of

Anyone who is interested in Geneology have thanked their lucky stars for
the powerful search engines in some family research sites!  It searches
MILLIONS of messages from thousands of mailing lists and finds just what
you need... INCLUDING the person's email address so you can write to
that person who has the info you need!  I see nothing wrong with doing
something like that here!  If you need password protection, then all the
better to keep from receiving spam!

And about all these email addresses... anyone who's been on mailing
lists before,  KNOWS that you risk your email address going to THOUSANDS
of people and who knows what kind of list they add you to!  How easy it
is to click "add to addressbook"!  I have a diabetes chat room and have
an extensive address book filled with folks who are interested in
hearing about my forums!  I add people regularly to it at the click of a
button, when they email me.  And then I mail out, using the BCC function
in my email program so no one else can see the email addresses!  This is
called "Net Etiquette" which is looks like Mr. Miller used!

And last time I heard, SPAM is when someone sends you an email trying to
sell you something!!  It didn't look to me like Mr. Miller was selling
anyone but only reaching out for help and support!  Afterall, this IS
the only pumping mailing list online right now!  Where else can you find
this kind of info!  Unless you all know something else, it looks like he
went through the correct "chain of command" when he presented his idea!
So what's the problem??

So ok... here's one more email to add to this growing thread!  I just
couldn't resist!  LOL  Sue me!!  hehehehehe  But how about if Micheal
and his crew could address this issue so we can just drop the subject
and get back to what we all joined this list for!??  Hope to hear from
you all!


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